Lazy Social Media

I was a “late bloomer.”

As a child–when all my friends were speaking in clear sentences–my speech was incomprehensible due to a profound speech impediment. As I aged (and with extensive speech therapy), I was able to overcome this obstacle but soon found myself having difficulty in school, especially when it came to math. From elementary school through high school, I spent countless hours on homework and studying, only to be “rewarded” with a series of B’s and B-‘s for my efforts.

But something good did come out of my verbal and scholastic struggles…I developed a fairly good work ethic and, it could be argued, a pretty big “chip on my shoulder.”

Things improved significantly when I got to college, and later grad school. My approach to school remained unchanged, but the results were MUCH better–for the first time in my life I was actually, by the conventional measure of grades, considered a good student and was a consistent member of the Dean’s List.

So, when I came to the Harvard Business School’s Alumni Office in early 2013–after working at Tufts University for thirteen years–I was in a good place from a work ethic point of view. And during the two-plus years that followed, I tried to make the social media presence of the alumni office the best it could be.

Sometimes, it could be argued, I tried a little TOO hard.

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