Making News on Social Media


This is the number of tweets I’ve posted on behalf of the Harvard Business School’s (HBS) Alumni Office since July 1, the beginning of our fiscal year.

There’s a few ways of looking at this tally. The first is that I tweet A LOT over the course of a given week and month. The second is that I’m privy to a staggering amount of information on alumni of HBS. While there’s great variety to what we tweet via @HBSAlumni–including updates on new jobs, marriages, and other details involving HBS graduates–a significant portion of our posts focus on the professional achievements of our alumni. These achievements include funding, awards, and promotions bestowed upon graduates of HBS.

Several months ago, I met with representatives from our development office to  discuss how we could best capture the information I come across via social media. While I have tracked this data on an excel spreadsheet since I began working at HBS, this approach had–and still does–its limitations (i.e., we collect ALL the linked web content we post onto a single spreadsheet so it’s tough to extract the most useful information for our development colleagues. To clarify, along with professional updates, we also share blog posts penned by alumni as well as other web-based content).

So, we decided to modify our approach and the solution was a simple one.

We launched the #HBSalumlife hashtag.

Read more by clicking here.


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