My Year of Living Dangerously (um, sort of) on Instagram

I am not a risk taker.

I hate riding roller coasters, trying new foods (I could eat hamburgers and french fries every day for the rest of my life and be VERY happy), flying on airplanes, and wearing anything besides my standard khaki pants and white or blue dress shirt.

But, when it comes to my work as social media manager for the Harvard Business School’s (HBS) alumni office, I’m much less risk averse. Each week–if not each day–I’m always trying new things/approaches to engage with alumni, our target audience, via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

So, when we decided to go “all in” on Instagram last year, I was looking forward to taking the big swings I rarely take in my personal life.

I soon realized, though, that swinging for the fences on Instagram isn’t always the best strategy. Sometimes, singles and the occasional double are far more effective.

But before I illustrate my missteps and how I arrived at our current strategy, it’s necessary to visit the archives.

Read more by clicking here.


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