Sticky Social Media: Why it Matters and How to Make it Happen

If you’ve read any of my posts, you know that I’m easily impressed.

Whether it’s a towel at the Harvard Business School (HBS) gym or complimentary donuts during “Free Donut Day,” I get irrationally excited about seemingly trivial things. So, when my wife called me at work one day and informed me that Boston’s Museum of Science was giving members, which we are, an early, first look at its new Pixar exhibit I was pretty excited….um, for our kids, that is. Yes, for our kids.

Once I hung up the phone, I called the museum, plunked down $20 bucks for the family, and reserved our spot for last Sunday.

The exhibit itself was great. We spent some (digital) quality time with Sully, Mater, Joy, and the gang, and learned a lot, such as….

  1. Making a single Pixar film requires, like, 8,000 people. Okay, it’s not that many, but it’s quite a few.
  2. There is A TON of math involved in making Pixar movies.
  3. Because of #2, there is no way I could ever work at the company. (I also couldn’t work there because I’m an epically bad artist, don’t have cool hair or spectacles, and definitely cannot, especially compared to the employees profiled in the exhibit, rock any cool computer programs.)

Soon after we left the museum, with two very tired children in tow, I took to Twitter and expressed— including the handle of the Museum of Science in my tweet— how much I enjoyed the exhibit.

Read more by clicking here.


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