To GIF or Not to GIF

Working at the Harvard Business School (HBS) is pretty sweet. The facilities are top notch (the gym has wood-paneled walls AND they give you your own towel during each visit!); the faculty are “wicked smaht,” and the students are a diverse and impressive lot.

But, for me, the best part of HBS are the people I work with. Each day, I’m impressed by the creativity and talent they bring to each and every project, many of which I’m involved with in some way.

So I was intrigued, naturally, when my co-worker knocked on my office door recently and said, “I have something you may be interested in.”

This “something” was a GIF he had created for an article he had penned for our alumni magazine. Before this impromptu meeting, I hadn’t given much thought to GIFs or how I could use them in my social media work; I had been much more focused on finding ways to integrate video into efforts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Read more by clicking here.


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