Social Media and My Worst Haircut EVER

When I was 10, my mother cut a piece of my ear clean off.

I had been misbehaving for quite some time and she wanted to teach me a lesson. So she grabbed a pair of scissors and…

Okay, I should stop here since this isn’t exactly how it happened. Yes, my mother did cut my ear and it was not only an accident but, to this day, I’m convinced that I shoulder some responsibility for what transpired.

Here’s how it really played out.

One afternoon, my mother decided the time was right to cut my flowing locks (yes, at one point, I did possess hair on par with one of “The Beatles,” though it was probably Ringo).

So, we headed to the backyard–which was where she typically cut my hair to avoid having to sweep the kitchen floor after she was done. Besides, it was a nice spring day and my mother thought I might enjoy the warm weather. We were a few minutes into the haircut when the phone inside my house rang. I didn’t think too much about it though, since phone calls were rarely directed at me. This day was an exception and soon after the phone stopped ringing I heard my brother calling my name, informing me that, indeed, the call was for me.

I turned my head immediately toward my brother’s voice at the exact moment my mother was cutting the hair behind my left ear.

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