Photo Bomb? My Weird, Unpredictable Instagram Journey

Me and Instagram didn’t get off to a good start.

It was early 2014 and I had just begun posting photos onto the platform as part of our “Making a Difference” project. The initiative encouraged alumni to share how they were impacting their communities (an example is below) by snapping and posting photos onto Instagram or Twitter.

And every few weeks, I would load the photos onto the site using the hashtag #HBSMakingADifference. We hoped, that by using the hashtag, alumni would have an easy way to see the totality of photos published as part of the project.

By all accounts, things were going well…until I realized the hashtag wasn’t working.

What followed were months of failed efforts to contact Instagram and numerous–and ultimately fruitless–attempts to resolve the problem myself (for the full play-by-play of my inaugural Instagram experience read my post, “My Favorite Social Media Mistake and What I Learned From It (Part 2)”).

So, you can imagine I felt a little burned by Instagram.

Read more by clicking here.


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